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П.Е.И. Liberal insiders offer Justin Trude now more than responsibility than a rock star

OTTAWA – When Prince Edward Island's voters go to the polls next week, they will win without Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's entry.

Although polls show that Wade Mcleoln's ruling party leaders will need any help to stay in power, campaign sources say they have not touched their federal supporters – a sign of a one-time rock star, Trudeau on the island became a political responsibility.

In the past, Trud has always been a popular visitor to the island, as a leader of the Liberals and as prime minister. His public events were usually attracted by large crowd supporters who wanted to be alone or handled.

It would be crazy. We would not like them here. П.Е.И. Liberal Canadian press

But as candidates knock on the door before the Tuesday's vote, voters who respond feel the need to oust the prime minister, say campaigns and insiders – liberals and conservatives – who have spoken to the Canadian press, provided they remain anonymous in order to talk freely about the state of play on the island.

Officials at the prime minister's office confirmed on Tuesday that no one in the provincial Liberal Camp had requested a visit to the Trudovo Campaign, and had not scheduled a trip to the island.

"It would be crazy," said one senior PI EI. Liberal operative. "We would not like them here."

Yesterday's voyage in the ballot box promises to close one of the most interesting races that the voters in the smallest province of Canada have seen in their last memory, thanks to the dramatic jump in support of the Green Party that has changed the political landscape, mainly in the central riot island.

Canadian press

L to R: P.I.I. NDP leader Joe Byrne, progressive conservative leader Dennis King, Green Leader Peter Bevan-Baker and Liberal leader Wade Macleahlen, are striving to take a photo of the debate of provincial leaders at the Harbourfront Theater in Summerside, PI EI. on April 16, 2019.

A poll released before the March 26th snap election showed that green was led by progressive conservatives, led by leader Denis King, who had been working only since early February. The Liberals, who were in power for the last 12 years, raided the third place.

When Trudot was last in the province on Sundays before the election, he announced a job advertisement and attended a liberal fundraising campaign. But a small group of protesters also appeared – a common feature of Prime Minister public events in other parts of Canada, but a rarity for Trudeau in PEI.

PLO officials say Trudo prefers to deal with provincial campaigns, albeit supporting the provincial campaign after the 2016 elections in Ontario. And he visited PII. on behalf of the liberals of McLuislan in 2015, before becoming prime minister.

His twist of wealth appears to be at least partially the result of the controversy of SNC-Lavalin.

For months, Trudo removes persistent questions about former Justice Minister Jodie Wilson-Reybol's allegations that he and others in PMO have tried to interfere with political reasons in the criminal prosecution of Montreal's engineer related to its actions in Libya . Trudo and his officials firmly denied any wrongdoing.

We are in the race of our lives. And [Trudeau] it's not what it used to be.П.Е.И. Liberal insider

But because voters often do not distinguish between federal and provincial parties of the same name, polling voters during the campaign – especially at the beginning, when the passion of the SNC was the strongest – was often uncomfortable for island liberals.

Some voters express anger and frustration over how Trdo and his government deal with the affair, while others are only disappointed with his record as prime minister, say liberals and conservatives.

Last time voters went to the polls in provincial elections in May 2015, just five months before voting their federal ballots. Stephen Harper was still in power and deeply unpopular in PII, thanks to part of his cuts in the conservative government on job security, job cuts in federal states, and retention of dissatisfaction from his speech more years earlier from the "culture of defeat" in Atlantic Canada.

Then there were progressive conservatives who were worried on the threshold before the Prime Minister's unpopularity.

This time, that's the other way round.

"As far as Harper has hurt things the last time, Trudeo is now helping," said a conservative insider, openly speaking on condition of anonymity – a feeling reiterated by others, including liberals who remember the feeling against Harper, filling the sails.

"We are in the race of our lives," one said. "And he (Trud) is not what was before."

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