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Volkswagen New Crossover Convertible – news Car news, articles and info

The compact crossover class is gaining popularity in Europe and it is natural for all types of versions to appear. However, the compact crossover-based convertible is still exotic.

The Range Rover tried to do so with its Evoque, but the innovation failed and was halted. Now, the German VW will offer an even cheaper buggy than the Range Rover Evoque, which will be based on the T-Roc.

Volkswagen Convertible crossover new

The model will be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but photos and information on the subject are already available.

The Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet will have two doors, but will still be 34 mm longer than the standard crossover. Willie has a soft ceiling that automatically retreats in just nine seconds, with the Germans anticipating an R-line with 19-inch alloy wheels.

Volkswagen Convertible crossover new

Inside there are several differences. However, the convertible has four seats and the cargo space is 284 liters. The initially launched T-Rock will only come with front-wheel drive and dual-engined 1.0L (115 PS) and 1.5L (150 PS) petrol-turbocharged engines.

Customers will also be able to choose between a manual gearbox and a dual-clutch robotic gearbox. Options include a virtual dashboard and a powerful 400-watt audio system.

Volkswagen Convertible crossover new

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