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Vivacom's 5G network is ready, starting next year

Paul and Wenz Wenz and Yubi Kirov presented their new song on stage with the new technology, though only ten kilometers away

The telecom demonstrates the new technology of three ministers

Vivacom's 5G network is ready, and the commercial launch will be next year when more frequencies are available. Atanas Dobrev, CEO of Telecom, said on Thursday a demonstration of the new technology.

It will be much faster than the current 4G network, with huge connectivity – almost one million square kilometers, with little delay.

The application of 5G is also immense in the entertainment industry – remote concerts, games, augmented reality and virtual reality. The new technology will also be used to produce automation for smart cities.

Vivacom also demonstrated three of the areas where 5G can be used. The telecoms showcased a remote Internet lesson, virtual reality followed by a glider flight, and the music – Paul and Wenz Wenz and Yubo Kirov – presented their new song on stage, even though they were tens of kilometers away.

The 5G demonstrations were attended by Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolov, Transport Minister Rosen Lyazazkov and Education Minister Krasimir Valchev.

"We will reduce the spectrum tariffs in order to make the end-user price appropriate and to offer better service to the market," lyelyakov said. He added that the broadcasts on the new network are as much as a hair dryer and there is no risk to human health.

Thanks to the 5G network, digitization of education will become a fact, Minister Krasimir Valchev said. According to him, the interest in learning today's pollen can be motivated to a greater extent through information technology.

Deputy Prime Minister Marijana Nikolova said users of the new network can be calm and confident that it guarantees sufficient data security.

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