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Two bodies were found near Negan in the murder investigation – Bulgaria

K. Interior Ministry forensic scientists are inspecting the reservoir area near the village of Negovan, the interior ministry press center said. On Saturday at 6 pm, a local resident reported an open skull near the village reservoir. Immediately organized and posted to the site teams of criminologists and interior experts. Initial examination revealed that the skull was found to be human and the remains of a body were found.

Procedural investigative actions are under way and at present all the circumstances surrounding the case will be determined there, MoI clarified.

The BNR said a second body was found this afternoon – a man killed. There are traces of human remains that confirm the version of the murder.

Criminals do not rule out that the man was shot and then dumped near his body near the village.

The relationship between the body and the woman's body found in the same area last night is being investigated.

The police work on all versions. Experts should be appointed to determine the identity of the dead.

Metropolitan police will look at the profiles of missing persons in recent years to determine if the bodies found do not match some of them. Interior Ministry sources claim that in both cases it was a murder. A pre-trial procedure has been introduced.

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