Monday , February 17 2020
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Two bergas started laughing with Rachkov, but found themselves in a state of emergency

Burgas finds himself in another brutal tragedy. A huge rotten board crashed on the heads of two young women in the city center. The killer's wooden board fell off the roof of a 4-storey old brick building on Slivnica 5, entrance B, Schleimann reported.

The incident happened at the highest hour, at one of the busiest pedestrian traffic lights on the corner of Slivnica and Blvd. Hristo Botev, leading to the top center of Burgas. 35-year-old Petya and her girlfriend walked the trail, going to Rachkov's "Forbidden Show", but instead ended up in Urgent instead of a comedy show.

“It was terrible. The tile literally split in my head, bounced and hit my girlfriend on the leg. I felt like it was warming up, I was sweating, it suddenly shook me, it hit me with terrible force. I was scared, my whole head was blood.

I intend to file a lawsuit in the Burgas Municipality. I will also give evidence from a doctor. I hope the roof is repaired so that there is no greater tragedy, I have died, "said Petya.

Seconds after the incident, the victim's husband arrived, who was driving the two women in the Emergency Room. Paramedics thoroughly examined the 35-year-old bourgeoisie, made X-rays and disinfected the wound, 5 mm deep.

Petya is grateful for the fact that she left with only a lot of fear and not so serious injury. She signaled to the municipality where a team was immediately dispatched to inspect the hazardous building, the owners being sought and a recipe issued.

The killer board is still at the scene, with the rest of the wooden panel sticking out of the roof, which is likely to fall too soon.

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