Sunday , January 17 2021

They pointed out the possible side effects of KOVID-19 vaccines


Any coronavirus vaccine can cause unpleasant but temporary side effects that are not life-threatening. This was reported by “Newsweek” referring to the data of the American Medical Association, reports “”.

Experts warn that the consequences of vaccination can be unpleasant, but it is necessary to make several injections to form a full-fledged immunity. Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, given in two doses at intervals of about one month, are considered to be up to 95% effective in providing immunity against SARS-CoV-2.

In experiments with the Moderna vaccine, the only common “severe” side effect observed after the first dose was pain at the injection site, which occurred in 2.7% of patients. After the second dose, the most common serious adverse reaction was fatigue, which occurred in 9.7% of participants. Muscle pain was experienced by 8.9% and systemic pain by 5.2%. Another 4.55 reported headaches.

Details on the safety of the Pfizer vaccine have not yet been released, but BioNTech has found that the vaccine does not pose a serious health risk. Previously, the most common side effects were fatigue and headache, occurring in less than 4% of participants after the second dose.

Some experts have called on doctors and health officials to inform the public that there are possible consequences, such as a sharp rise in temperature. This will challenge those who use side effects information to promote vaccination conspiracy theories.

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