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The solitary zodiacs, who do not have friends

The great minds are no longer kazal, as the recipient is a tosy man, who knows a razor for teabags and it does not stop him from making a habit, write

The world lives around 7.7 billion. souls. In fact, this phenomenon itself continues to feel and arouse alertness in religion.

Zahot, hip and gently sound, there is a chorus, which can not be praised. You only have the familiar, before whom, for regret, it is not possible to unravel your soul and to share your most-secreted secrets.

Astrologers are dying to see the stars under which we were born. I will tell you a little bit more about the zodiacs, whose solitude is in the blood and is obliged to stay unattended until the end of their days.


The representatives of the toddler zodiacal sign could not get closer to the mountain. You are said to be very badly surrounded and persuaded, and you have to find interest in them, and the following will decide whom to preach, whom to praise, and whom to ignore.

You never strive to establish contact and start a conversation first. And the people around them are skeptical of their arrogance and agree to poison the rabbi and to practice them only if it does them no good.

It may be because of this environment that Lives are often overlooked by small friends, who seek to derive maximum personal interest from their company.


Your virgin has no friends. You can only have acquaintances, friends and companions. The representatives of the zaza do not allow the hora to come close to themselves, so they do not know how to become friends.

Only relatives and only on the doorstep can be allowed to reach their destination. You simply do not care, there is no human being whom you can trust.

There are many people in front of the door of the Davies. Why do you have saccharine limbs, the necessities of strong and passionate friendship.


If Scorpion has a faithful and dedicated host, this is by no means his merit. A screeching man, he decided to sacrifice his life in the name of friendship with him, without falling to the ground. The Scorpion Sami is never able to give up on his soul mate.

He is not honest in his friendship. His companion is a boxing pear, a mourning tool and a tool for manipulating the surroundings.


Adults with Deficiency Embroidery are often reluctant to start a new friendship on their own.

The proponents of the zodiacal signs of the toddler are dying, the great number of recipients is of primary importance to their Faith. In social networks it can boast to hundreds of friends, but in real life they don't have a single con.

No one ever came to be a friend of the Embroiderers, for they are a terrifying sight. Many small horas are just about to emerge as a convenient unhealthy study.

Learning the Embroidery of Friendship is pointless. You don't present yourself in any other way and try terribly much if the person you designate for your friend doesn't give you half an hour of detailed account of your life for not dealing with their actions.

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