Thursday , April 22 2021

: The roof of the shaft breaks Williams car of Russell ::

The Formula 1 Formula One Grand Prix started with unprecedented incidents during free practice. Just 13 minutes after the start of the first session, Williams pilot George Russell hit his car in a prominent shield from a street shaft. The car literally collapsed, and the Briton's disaster was broken up by a collision.

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Officers ready to follow immediately threw the manhole, lifted the lid, put it in place, and dragged on for a long time to adjust it. Because of the incident, it is necessary to check all more than 300 axes of the course of 6 km on the streets of Baku, and the training was postponed.

However, the adventures did not end. The crane truck, which took Russell, headed for the box, but pushed one of the billboards on the ramp, through the runway, with the protruding casket. From this blow, the crane broke and the dangerous dose of hydraulic oil penetrates the asphalt.

William Williams deputy chief, Clare Williams, said that what happened in the first free practice for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix is ​​unacceptable. "It seems George is good and has not been hurt by the incident," Mr Clare told the BBC. "There is a lot of damage to the car. I think that such an accident will inevitably be damaged." Later, he realized that Russell would use a new chassis, but would not be released in the second exercise.

The afternoon session was interrupted many times due to a collision with a car in a collision in the walls along the narrow path. Sergio Perez, Daniel Ricardo, Daniel Quiat, Antonio Giovanni had serious problems with broken wheels. Problem was also the heating of the brakes before the proverbial reversal № 3, which struck the most.

Expected fastest in the second training were the Ferrari pilots. For the first time – 1: 42,872 minutes were given by Charles Laker, Sebastian Vettel finished at 0,324 seconds. from him, and third, 0.669 was Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes.

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