Friday , November 27 2020

The mother, accused of killing her children, complained that her father-in-law raped her

32-year-old Kristina Duncheva

For Kristina Duncheva, a permanent measure “detention in custody” has been issued

Kristina Duncheva, 32, accused of killing her children aged 3 and 5, did not admit that he was the perpetrator of the crime, said her lawyer Aleksiev. Her words were just “sorry for what happened.” According to the defense counsel, there are suspicions that she is a perpetrator and according to him there was no definitive evidence against her.

Lawyer Aleksiev explained that Kristina had been physically abused by her husband Georgi Traikov for years.

“I even found out that his father was sexually abused. He attacked the children, beat and abused them, and when he raised his voice, one of them was trembling with fear.”

Judge Krasimir Arsinkov ordered a permanent “detention in custody” measure for Kristina Duncheva. According to him, she looked good in the courtroom and did not say that she needed medical help. Her only words were that she wanted a lighter detention and asked the court for relief.

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