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The Lord of the Rings with a New Movie Spectacle (VIDEO + PHOTOS) – Culture and Experience

The world famous director and Oscar winner, Peter Jackson, turns to the big screen with the film "Death Machines", whose premiere is being held in London, congratulating the AR.

The tape represents a post-apocalyptic saga for evaluation, and the first successes of Jackson's screen adaptations of JRR's novels. Tolkien. The New Zealand director, became known to the cinemas "The Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit", is a producer and screenwriter of the adventurous fancies.

The cinema is inspired from the book by writer Philip Reeve.

The director on the ribbon is Chris Brown Rivers, Oscar winner for visual effects. He worked with Jacques on the screen adaptations of Tolkien's novels, as well as the 2005 movie King Kong.

The action in the "Death Machines" has been developing for hundreds of years as a catastrophe delineates civilizations. "I did not want to leave Chris Brown in his first directorial experiment on a feature film," he said. "I stood up to him, and I hope to make a remarkable career." She thought she had done a wonderful job, "Jackson told London.

In the movie, the choir lives in gigantic megalopolises, which are being used by smaller towns. A group of rebels, among whom a fugitive from a prison, a homeless man, and a mysterious woman, stumble upon the uprising, are like a predator city in the case of London.

The casts are entrusted to the crew, entrusted with the names of the Icelandic actress Hera Hilmar and the star from the Matrix and Hobbit Hyogo Waving.

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