Sunday , April 18 2021

The driver slept behind the wheel and killed a 155 km / h family with a small child on Thrace Motorway

Six years in prison, the Sliven district court sentenced a 55-year-old driver who cautioned the deaths of two parents and their little child, the prosecution announced.

A serious incident occurred about 2 hours on April 12 on the Trakia highway, kilometer 267.2. Both parents Zdravko and Helen and their daughter Amy on 1 and 9 meters traveled from the village Yambol Botevo to Sofia by car from Renault.

For unknown reasons, probably because of a child problem, they had to stop in emergency lanes, along with the traffic lane. Their car was equipped with headlights and emergency lights. He was sitting behind the wheel, his wife and his child, back to the left.

At that time, the highway was run by Peugeot, driven by the defendant, at a speed of about 155 km / h and a dangerous stopping point of 210 meters. On the legal part of the cloth, the driver turned his attention, causing his car to change its direction. The prosecution said it was committed because the defendant was asleep, informed Trud.

There was a strong blow to stop in the immediate stop of Renault. The stroke was deadly for the whole family due to incompatibility with serious injuries to life. The man, his wife and their child died in the spotlight. Both parents worked some time abroad. They went home to take the child with him. In a fatal situation, they drove to the airport in the capital.

In the shortened trial, after an approved court between the prosecutor and the defendant, the term of the nine-year prison sentence was reduced by one-third. The convicted driver is deprived of the right to drive for six years. The verdict is the subject of an appeal before the Burgas Court of Appeal.

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