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The bolt that made "Made in USA" for Apple

Even before US President Donald Trump to search for Apple about a year ago in his own words "to start making damn computers and something in this country," the company was able to help improve its image with the slogan and label "Made in USA" Togawa is the chief executive of Apple Tim Cook announcing that the new Mac Pro will be manufactured exclusively in the US. "In the extreme account," production "has been turned into a" shuffle "of devices in Texas.Kako in Bakhovitsa, for example, the Great Wall of China.

In the case of Apple, it meant that more components from the components were all manufactured in China and were merely assembled in Texas. But dori and goods obviously overestimate local industrial capacities.

According to New York Times, the concern was to delay the delivery of high-performance cylindrical computers, whereby the local supplier could not produce more than 1,000 bolts per day at the time of the test phase. When the mass production began, Apple has bought the helmets from China, it is explained in the material.

The bolt shortage is just one of the few problems that slowed Mac Pro delivery for months, reports the New York Times. Hardly before December 2018 the high-end computer came to the market. The difficulty to build a comparatively small number of computers in Texas illustrates what Apple would expect if it moves significant parts from its products from China to the United States, wrote the messenger. Apple has discovered that no other country can pass China by scarcity, opportunities, infrastructure, and low spending. SA not sure about SAS.

Apple's Executive Director Tim Cook said: "The potentialities are just incredible," said Apple Cook's executive director during a conference in China at the end of 2017. To produce Apple products, he needs the finest machines and choirs, who know how to do it "In the US, I can conduct a wide range of engineers for instruments and I'm not sure if I can fill a flock," said Cook. "You can fill some football games with them in China."

The final assembly of the additional equipment in the USA in the beet is more and more likely not only due to the industrial capacity of the site. This is the labor-consuming part of the production, due to which labor expenditures play a decisive role. Apple cloaks are not just a local minimum patch of about 2.10 dollars per hour, but about 3.15 dollars per hour, the New York Times wrote. In the USA, the company will be struggling to cry for similar jobs much higher than pays. So Mac Pro will become not only one of the most powerful, but also one of the best-selling computers.

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