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The artist Ode Jon sought the software in the "Palace" to be an artwork with a message

Stormy reactions in social networks. The author ate the dishes for the evening "Still Life"

Reception "Evenings still life" is an extension of the exhibition type performance. This clarified Yara Bubnov – performing the duty of the director of the National Gallery, after the recordings from the meals in the ballroom of "Palace" caused a stirring reaction in the social network. The event received labels such as "golyomoto pluskane" and "insult to the status of the gallery".

On Thursday, there was a reception for 100 invitations personally from the artist Mihail Danovsk with the artistic name Oda Jon. The reception was on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "Heart". The event will be extended until January 13th and the organizers will also be the Frenski kulturni institut.

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Everything from the people who are present is a tagile number to sit down. The tables were set up in the ballroom of the "Palace". There were guests from Paris, Berlin, Bruxelles, especially flew to the event. They came and sat on the artist.

Evening is called "still life". Apart from a collection of meat meats on moths there were olives, potatoes, cauliflower, lettuce, locum, fresh asparagus, writing (halva type). Oda Jones is a vegetarian.

The hall at the moment is empty, the event did not exist in the middle of the picture. But the fact that there was a trapezoid in the room was aroused by the heated reactions.

"Idea is on the author and the author of the book. Our special firm for catering. Nothing is prepared in the gallery. The flesh is a symbol of the corporeal and is opposed to the romantic – in the case of the ballroom. Thus the artist underlines the message of his experience in a surreal way. The theme of the neural exhibition is about the woman's illness.

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object of use There was also a slumbering provocation. And it's not a reason to "shuffle", explains Yar Bubnov.

At the table there were gypsum castings of female bodies – the work of Oda Jon.

"Uvy, Oda Zhon herself is at the same time a painful occurrence – to the woman – with the reaction of the undead reception," Bubnov's statement.

They accepted the reception of the Kazakh, since a few of the guests were hacking quite modestly. There is still a good amount of food. The manager of the catering firm assured her that she had a consolation with a social home and that she would go there all the time.

It is not an exclusion from the practice of the castle hall to be given for corporate events. For this, there are rules and pricing rules. For example, a bottle of champagne can not be opened in the middle of the pictures – it is placed in the foyer. Except for all the races to be pre-cooked. Often, there are cocktails in the opening of exhibitions.

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This is the first representation of the artist's bulgaria, which she has known in foreign countries. Ode Jon is the artistic pseudonym of Michael Danovsk, given by the German artist Jorg Imendorf. She was born 1979. in Sofia. Next in the art academy in Düsseldorf it is exactly in the masters of the maestro, which gives her the new name. From 2007 lives and works in Paris. I represent the fresco gallery "Templon", which has a great merit for the Bulgarian exhibition. Over 2012

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Cardin ",

France. Ninny creations, often from international social and personal collections, have over 40 independent and general exhibitions in Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, etc.

National Gallery presents for the first time Oda Jon in Bulgaria with a glamorous retrospective exhibition. This is a peculiar ending of the artist in the homeland. The exposition, chosen from museums and private collections, includes more than 50 works – paintings, sculptures, watercolors – from the earliest creations to the days.

The style is forwarding to old masters, surrealism and German expressionism.

On December 1, at 16.30 h, a documentary film about Mihaila Danovska's experience will be shown in the palace.

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