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Test drive: The Opel Astra and its sense of purpose

Very little is necessary in the toes. Human stupidity is one of them, the other is the Opel Astra. It's been a long time for us all, we'll be getting an hour's notice, where we've been stuck unharmed, but stubbornly for three decades.

Out of the 90s so far, five models have been produced, but Opel counts for the original Kadett model, which was released in 1962.

Over the years, Kadett and Astra have been driving a thriving and unassuming car, ready to do the job and be a real estate agent in their own right. Tolkova.

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  • Modification: Opel Astra 1.2 Turbo
  • Workload: 1199 cubic meters. cm
  • Opportunity: 145 hp
  • Torque: 225 Nm
  • Relief: 9.4 sec up to 100 km / h
  • Maximum Speed: 220 km / h
  • Mid-range: 4.3 l / 100 km
  • Transmission: 6-degree mechanical
  • Base Price: 36 095 лв.

2019 Astra continues to be such a practical and economical car that it is not meant to be fun. And it's not.

The models of the model were shown in Frankfurt a few days ago, and we have the ability to convince and convince them of the above. Eto'o as history continues.


Innovative Opel Astra hatchback revolves around reduced jumper and economical drivers. We understand the benefits of having a "live" drive behind the wheel and helping to reduce fuel consumption. And it is all the more exciting in modern car racing.

And to be fair a car is not greyhound, and overproduction. It makes it less expensive, more prone to scarring, and reduces the need for anchoring, which makes it cheaper to support. Very good welcome, Opel.

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Economical drivers all at once, though it's time to call a single driver economical, is a well-thought-out way to get it all right. But let's not forbid, as we write above – Astra is not trying to be fun.

The drivers are three, but are pre-eminent in the variety of possibilities, as the high-power variant extends to 145 hp. Not only does it have four cylinders, low fuel consumption and … valuable emissions.

If we are ecological fans and get excited about the numbers, the following information is for us – diesel engines with Astra's mechanical gearbox emitted under 100 grams of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Sexy, right?

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Opel Astra semi-dotted and for design. The fact is, Facebook has begun an identical copy of the last generation, but it's still a fact that Astra looks good. Without a hitch, it's still a compact family hatchback and a little nicer, it has enough character to make us look and look away from the parking lot.

Well, no matter what the usual con car is, it's not bad at all. Is it bad to get in your car and simply move on – not to load up, to gasp for coffee, and the bear to pop the picture on Facebook? The answer is clear.

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  • Can be: seduce you from A to B.
  • Can not: makes you want to sneeze
  • His lipstick: sports version

And the interior does not let us down. Plus seats, developed by German experts in ergonomics. In fact, in our day, this sign is well positioned, and the arm can not be torn or frozen, especially if the poem is away.

If the PKK is arguing in our city, we can think of maneuverability, a more efficient rack and cameras and parking assistants.

Our test car was powered by a 1.2-liter turbocharged engine with a power of 145 bhp, which impressed three cars.

First: the power is enviable, having in mind that the engine has only three cylinders.

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Second: engineers have become too old to cover the cylinder lip, as it has created a well-balanced and quiet engine – not atypical for three-cylinder engines.

Third: spending. I have to admit, for a short time, with this Astra, I don't have to go for half-dozen stops, but on paper Opel declares a combined fuel consumption of 4.3 liters per 100 km. From the experience I know, if I get a liter above the stand still, I will spend money in real life. Not a bad result for a gasoline driver.

Being a one-day-old is never a positive thing. Your hunger is forbidden, and it does not come to you tonight, it means you have not been good enough to stay. The situation for the Opel Astra has never been the same. It is here and it will stay. The simple lawn has a carriage and the basic nature of the car is not forbidden – to carry you from point A to point B. If we say more, compromises start magnifying.

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