Saturday , April 17 2021

Tesla's new anti-correction – a loss of $ 6 billion – automotive news

15 years ago, the company began to deal with its revolutionary automotive revolution, with losses of more than $ 6 billion. Despite the apparent popularity of Tesla, losses continue to accumulate. For the first quarter of the current year, they amounted to $ 702 million.

According to NBC, Tesla's financial losses in 2019 are the highest in recent years. The company itself does not hide its disappointment. Financial Director Zahari Kirhor revealed that the past four months have been one of the most complex in Tesla's history.

Brand sales also drop dramatically. For the first three months of 2019, they decreased by 31%. Problems are associated with reduced production and logistics shocks. By March 31, only half of the ordered electric vehicles were delivered.

However, Ilon Mosk continues to be optimistic and relies on the annual sales of 400,000 electric cars and if a new factory in China is ready by the end of the year, Muk's sales will reach 500,000. The only problem with Ilon Mash is that not always the company succeeds but it worked on this.

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