Wednesday , August 4 2021

Sureya from “Forever” – disappointed in men

Asl Enver did not happen to his boyfriend again

Popular Turkish actress Asli Enver has stopped trusting men, says world-famous journalist Barash Kocaolu. Here is what he wrote: “I know Asla personally. She is a very gullible and romantic person. On several occasions, she forgave the shootings of her boyfriend, singer Murat Boz, and believed that everything would be fine between them. Eventually, after breaking up with him, she trusted basketball player Kerem Tunjeri, but he also proved to be a womanizer. How can Asla trust men again? “

The journalist expresses hope that the actress will still be able to find a decent man and will not be completely disappointed with the stronger sex.

Asli Enver and Murat Boz fell in love while starring in the feature film My Brother with Burak Ozcivit. Bulgarian viewers now see her as Sureya in the series “Forever”, and recently finished photos in the rating project “Babylon” with Halit Ergenc.

Although she has established herself as one of the most beautiful and talented Turkish actresses, Asla’s personal life is not going well. He married his colleague Birkan Sokula in 2012, but three years later, through their lawyers, the two announced their divorce. In 2015, she became close with her colleague from the movie “My Brother” Murat Boz, with whom she started a relationship in 2016, because the two are now separated, now reunited, but in October 2019 they finally separated.

Meanwhile, this spring, the actress confirmed that as a child she was diagnosed with dyslexia (impairment of ability and even inability to read and understand what was read at an early age), but now it seems that this helps to be even more natural on screen.

Asli, who with charm and talent manages to steal the central roles of the first beauties, is on a difficult path to world fame. She was born on May 10, 1984 in the United Kingdom, but is a second-generation immigrant. Her mother, a Turk, came to study in England and, as a student, hopelessly killed herself in a man who did not suit her. Asli’s father is the son of a Turkish woman from Cyprus, divorced with three children. He and her mother were married and spent 12 years in the UK. Then they return to Turkey …

The culture shock for Asla Enver is huge. She tries to find a place under the sun by enrolling in art school and acting classes. In the meantime, he realizes that he suffers from dyslexia and does not even know how to write in Turkish. Her father does not stay on the same job. She and her mother are separated and there seems to be no hope for the girl. However, art heals wounds and one day Asla Enver graduated from university with a degree in Theater.

She started her profession as an apprentice. Her first small role was in 2003, but she soon starred in Dreamers. The role of the bad Runic is given with such ease that the viewers hate her en masse, and she is upset by the comments addressed to her.

Her next big role is in the movie “Silent”. Her success is great, and the peak of her happiness is that she will get married. She believes she has found true love, but is disappointed. He is Birkan Sokulu / Petar from “With Russia in the Heart” /. However, their marriage was short-lived and in 2015 they finalized their divorce.

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