Sunday , April 18 2021

Still anger: the women from Stolipinovo from Tumba defeated the gynecologist in their office

A 35-year-old woman from Stolipinovo was arrested by a gynecologist and midwife from "Izgrev". The incident occurred around 11 o'clock on Saturday when six officials of the Republic of Macedonia responded to a signal for a conflict in the local hospital, police said.

On the spot the uniforms explained that the attacker suddenly attacked the G-Cabinet, and the reason for this was a problem with her relative, whose pregnancy was noticed by the medical team, informed Marica. Against the woman a quick procedure according to Art. 131, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code. The District Prosecutor's Office is authorized – Plovdiv.

According to Maritsa, the problem was reached after examining a woman in advanced pregnancy showed that the fruit in her womb died. The echographer in the St. Mina department at Vesela Street, the doctors found that the baby had no heart beat and sent a pregnant woman to UMBL "St. George".

Later, her mother broke into the DCC neighborhood along with a group of another dozen women. She entered the gynecological office and stumbled upon a doctor and a midwife who followed the pregnancy. The doctor was struck on the head and, as a result of the stroke, fell to the ground and briefly lost consciousness. Despite insisting police officers to be transferred to hospital, the doctor declined and signed that he did not want medical help.

Her colleagues are concerned that she did not respond to her mobile phone this morning, and no one can connect with her. She did not have a relationship with the midwife who was replaced, and on the first day of the incident she was in the office of the DC "Izgrev". He also took several strokes.

The injured doctor has many years of experience and has a good name in the guild.
Dr. Zhivko Dimitrov, the manager of the DRC Izgrev, was not open for comment because he was in his private office. The nurse assured that the team is at work, although they are worried about the case. She confirmed that she has nothing to do with the injured doctor and the midwife at the moment.

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