Wednesday , January 27 2021

Stanishev: There is nothing to be angry, I fight – news from Bulgaria

Before the Plenum of the BSP, I asked a few questions and their answer is as follows: Firstly, the National Council of the Party listens to the party's voice, second, it proves that the party is the most democratic. Nothing happened dramatically that the leadership of the party came into play and offered a list. How do you imagine at GERB Borisov to offer the list, not to vote? This was told to reporters in Strasbourg, the President of the PES and the MEP Sergey Stanishev, on the occasion of the selection of the BSP leader's list, in which he was not involved.

"We all have the ambition to win this election, and the statuette must change – both in Bulgaria and in Europe." No one has anything to regret or regret, because I have the most nomination for the leader of the list, but I'm not the second, and fifth, there's nothing to be angry about, that's what the National Council decides and we are. I warned GERB not to be upset, it's the choice, "Stanishev said.

"My modest, but many years of experience has shown me that the Bulgarian elections always surprise politicians, so be prepared for surprises." I also know that sociological agencies make predictions, but they can never produce a real result, because everywhere in Europe and Bulgaria, one third of people decided in the last week, I said several times, BSP has a real chance to defeat GERB , but that chance should not be seen as given or inevitable, GERB has fatigue, scandals, and abuse of power BSP has a system. In fact, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has twice the result of the national elections, so we need to find a balance in Camp and not to be scandals and accusations. these European elections must begin to change in both Bulgaria and Europe.

In Europe, we have to achieve so strong socialists for the first time in 20 years we have elected the president of the Socialist Union. We will have more commissioners in synchronization with the national parties, including the BSP, to make big changes in Europe. As strong as BSP alone, take 51% if there are no partners in Europe, its policy will be crushed if the law is dominated by the Europeans. That's what some people need to understand in Bulgaria and the BSP, because they think we are very big and we will do it ourselves, we will not be able to do it, "Stanishev added.


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