Thursday , May 6 2021

Slavy first talked about the interview with Boyko Borisov – news from Bulgaria

"I fully understand that there was the expectation that a political leader would meet with another, future political leader, but the truth was that it was a television show in which a lecturer asks questions about the prime minister, and when or if there is a meeting of two political leaders, there is no to ask questions, because everything will be clear, and it is best that there is freedom of speech, and that's wonderful. "

Thus, Slavy Trifonov commented on the visit of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's premiere. "Now I will say that I had to ask these questions, and not you," the showmaker turned to his screenwriters who had previously analyzed the visit of Borisov, Tsatsarov and Manolova, trying to criticize the prime minister.

"I was focused on the choice of spectators, I did not know what to answer," Slavi explained.


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