Sunday , April 11 2021

Simeon Kolev suffers after separation with Marijana Vekilska – curious – News about lifestyle, style, diets, fashion

For a number of months BG's journalist Radio Simeon Kolev is a lonely father and faces the greatest difficulties in his life. A year and a half ago, his longtime companion in life, Marianne Vekilsky, who ended his relationship and left the care of their father's 14-year-old son, writes "Weekend."

In February, BTV "This Saturday" and star "This week" surprisingly announced that they are leaving the television station and going to Brussels to make an international career. Vekilsky held a training session for aviation expert team in the capital of Belgium.

However, separation with her ex-husband happened before a new career began. The news that one of the most complex television families in Bulgaria is no longer together, was a surprise for many, but not for their loved ones. The relationship of the two journalists lasted nearly 15 years before it was revealed that their marriage was completed. The blame for their decision was not taken by either of them, and this further exacerbated the rumors that their separation was quite dramatic.

Simeon recently filled her soul in front of the women's magazine and sincerely acknowledges how difficult it is to be a lonely parent. Marianne said to me: "Sim, come on, come on!" It's hard to live with such a man, I will not forget a single starting sentence: "You are the perfect person and this is your biggest problem," Kolev said.

After Marianne left her home, he became a lonely father, but he was excellent in this role. The leader, however, determines the end of their relationship as difficult and humiliating. Vekilsky's decision to leave alone with the boy confused many of them, since she alone was a single mother for many years before meeting with him. Since his first marriage to footballer Georgi Donkov, Marianne has a daughter Gabriela. The former leader has repeatedly criticized the public for abandoning them, as he had not seen his daughter for 14 years, and she was the father and mother for the child.

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