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Shock at The Cafe! Gala's daughter showed a snapshot

Gala's visit to the Order was surprisingly followers of its own, soon to be revealed. Marie naracas your fans in instagram to get some great resilience, but it is just another.

Marie Budeva publishes a video on social networks, praised by Ring, a gift from friend ѝ. And before they begin to validate the proposition that he has proposed marriage, both of which are appropriate, the bracelet is correct:

"When you have an anniversary and you are cut, you buy gifts for yourself."

The Gala Showcase of the Ring from ... (Snapshot)

Sure, Marie and her friends are celebrating their usual anniversary, but it doesn't take long for the plans to stop in front of the altar together.

Fun or not, it is a fact that Marie's parents, as well as the thesis of the receptionist ѝ Constantine quit singing, and many of them were eager to chuckle at the altar.

Gala and Konstantin's mother – Deljana Marinova, more recently, Kato Dzhudzhi, a longtime friend of many good friends, and soon, colleagues at "At Cafe".


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