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Sharon Stone: After the blow I lost everything – light

When the paparazzi meet in the street, 61-year-old Sharon Stone always smiles to be example for optimism, but many of her fans remember what is happening behind this smile. During the 2001 the actress survived haemorrhage in the brain. After the blow, she he has long since disappeared from the screens.

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In an interview recently about Variety she remembered that time and unexpectedly not comparison with the deceased Princess Diana.

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"I was one of them the hottest Hollywood stars. With the princess Diana We were so known! She died, me too I got a stroke. Both we were forgotten"Stone said.

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She was put in hospital barely three days after the blow itselfwhen he could no longer tolerate pain in head. You took it a two-year absence, but recovery her health took away 7 years.

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"People acted cruelly with me. I do not think they understood how much dangerous that is blow for the woman and what it takes to get back after that … You had to be I'm betting house. I lost everythingwhatever I lost place in business"The star is bitter.

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She admitted that Head from LVMH Bernard Arno it's just saved in difficult situation, offering it contract p Christian Dior.

In an interview, Sharon Stone called all women to be attentive to health yours. "If the pain in your head does not pass, you need a doctor. I entered the hospital only on the third or fourth day after the stroke. most people die. My chance to survive the operation was minimum. One month after her, nobody knew if I could get out, "said the actress.

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