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Shake! Maria Sylvester with terrible recognition of …

A few years ago, Maria Sylvester and Sylvester Sylvester divorced, and their division was very damaging to the cult actress and TV host.

Then they were disappointed by media speculation and were silent about the truth in their relationship. However, these days, Mary shared something from which all her friends were suffocated.

The actress with murderous blue eyes shares her personal facebook picture taken three years ago and painfully sincere narrative along with her.

"This picture is three years ago, and then we lived with David at the apartment of friends they gave us while he recovered from divorce. The way you stay in the street and realize that you are 37 years old and you are at zero and have to start over.

My thought is: when you look at someone on the screen or it does not matter where, smiling, funny, elegant – you do not know what his battle is. This post is for power. Whatever costs, "the leading writer writes, adding," And for women who still survive, they see their children, work, wander, yell, cook, buy an apartment, a car, pay, pay taxes, do not sleep with a man to progress work, do not live with, because they "need", but because they do not want to mess up someone's traumas until they realize it.

Women who do not want to be silent to be more comfortable. For all these "thorns in trousers" we rejoice with cafes and dragons! And do not forget – it's not just a dream! Get up and start! ".

Under the post of a TV host, spontaneously flows dozens of opinions of true and virtual friends. Ms. Vulchanova, Miss Bulgaria 2000, has a moral support from her: "Honor Mary, I accept this post as a personal greeting". The power of the mother is something that a person will never understand: Be blessed and still up and up!


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