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Sex with a child! Actor from "Кръстникът": Marilyn Monroe made me a mum

Actor of "Crystal" Danny Rousseau, who was 15 years old, was raped by Marilyn Monroe. America's sex symbol has been around for 33 years. The difference in age after the dummies did not prevent the star from dragging on the teenager.

"I can't stand it," admits мъжът.

Rousseau, played by Carlo Ricci in Francis Coppola's legendary Mafia film, tweeted that the couple maintained close ties until Monroe's 1962 death.

"Marlon Brando was my only acting master teacher, Frank Sinatra was my only singing teacher, and Marilyn Monroe made me a mum," the 75-year-old actress said.

"She taught me to slaughter, I know. Smyatach, chi na na-Thorny boy in the sacred. If this happens now, Jaya will be sent to jail, and my parents will try to get money from her," Russo said. in an interview with The Sun.

In his book Memoirs To Prepare How He Worked In A Hair Salon In New York City, Monroe often went to wash his hair.

"Marilyn was a lot of sweetness. The next soft drink is the look of a normal person, not a Hollywood star," he said.

Monroe recently invited her to a hotel to help her with the haircut. According to the memoirs of the flower bed, the leaves were greasy, greasy plates, the bed was not in order, and the star itself looked like a homeless person without grime.

Monroe poured champagne on Rousseau, following which she grabbed her bucket and invited him to join her in the bank. According to him he called you a whole weekend in bed. He did not punish anyone for the accident, "they will never hurt me".

The sting about his star was completely accidental. Marlon Brando on Monroe's Early Death Records on the recording tile of "Kristinist" starred Monroe, nicknamed "boginya in bed". Rousseau, without realizing it, nodded in agreement.

On the record of Krustnik's Rousseau was 25 years old, without any prior experience in acting. But he was well acquainted with the Presbyterian Wednesday, as a member of the Mafia.

Tutorials in 30 films and reveals successful casino in Las Vegas. Business did well until 1988, when it committed its second homicide. In the casino he kills a member of the drug cartel, a violent boy. Next, there are pictures sent to his mother and dead chickens and lizards. Conflict with the leader of the Mafia is resolved, when the lord of the narcotics understands Rousseau's teachings in the "Cristian".

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