Friday , April 16 2021

Serious consequences: A high-ranking MD doctor warns of a massive illness during holidays

The number of patients hospitalized after overeating and alcohol abuse during the holidays is increasing. This was told by Dr. Daniela Tomova, senior physician at the Clinic of Gastroenterology at the Military Medical Center for oviposition during the holidays. She said that this is a trend in recent years.

"Easter holidays are the cause of hospitalization for biliary crises, which occurs in patients who have gallstones in the gall bladder, and the use of large amounts of eggs can lead to biliary crises." Eating oysters with meat can cause inflammation of gastritis, ulcers. and vegetables, especially salads, leads to exacerbation of colitis, "says Dr. Tomova.

According to her, the ingestion of a large amount of food and alcohol can lead to exacerbation of the pancreas and so on. pancreatitis.

"Occasionally hospitalization is followed by hospitals," a specialist added.

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