Thursday , November 26 2020

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The authoritative American edition Consumer Reports has made a new assessment of the credibility of car brands. This year, the ranking was definitely a surprise. For example, for the first time Mazda took first place.

Consumer estimates (CRs) in the United States attract no less attention than a similar report by JD Power. Their approaches are different, although in both cases the study is based on surveys of hundreds of thousands of homeowners.

JD Power takes into account the average number of problems per 100 cars (the less, the higher the rating in the list), and CR, based on the analysis of the answers, calculates the reliability rating of the condition from zero to 100.

The Americans call this predicted certainty, although the forecast is based on the disintegration of what has already happened. The magazine ranges from 41 to 60 points for the industry average, highlighting models above and below this area.

They divide cars into four groups – those in which safety is significantly above average, above average, below average and much lower than average. They are all shown in the table below in different colors.

Take a look at the most reliable car brands

It is impressive that Tesla, according to CR, continues to experience problems with both quality and reliability. This year, the SUV Model Y is to blame for the failure of the brand, which descends to the independent penultimate place.

According to CR, the success of Mazda, which ranks first, lies in the fact that the brand “conservatively upgrades models and avoids introducing new risky engines, transmissions and infotainment systems.”

We will add that the brands Acura, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, FIAT, Genesis, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mitsubishi were not included in the safety rating in 2020 due to lack of statistics available in the CR edition.

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