Sunday , August 1 2021

secret weapon of Volkswagen against Tesla:

ID.3 - The secret weapon of Volkswagen against Tesla

Photo: Volkswagen

The German carmaker Volkswagen counts on the forthcoming premiere of the new VW ID.3, although the electric car market is currently dominated by Tesla. Volkswagen's capacity is so big that nothing like a small city wheel will not become a total hit. Of course, if the expectations for its technical characteristics are justified.

In the electric vehicle sector, VW has invested 30 billion euros, which only suggests the future of transport. And from ID.3 is expected to become the first massive electric city car.

"After Beetle and golf Volkswagen ID.3 marks the start of the third strategic milestone in our brand history," said VW sales director Jurgen Stackmann, quoted by Bloomberg.

The company's plans include more than 20 variants of the model in the coming years, and by 2025, it hopes to reach more than 1 million sales each year. This would be a fully viable goal if technology is sufficiently developed to reduce final costs and increase mileage. At this stage, the basic model ID.3 will cost about 60,000 leva (30,000 euros), and the maximum distance with one load will be 550 kilometers. for the improved model. However, this is a start because we are not talking about a city car, which in 90% of the time will be aimed at leading the tracks from home to work.

29 countries across Europe, including Bulgaria, are already offering a pre-sale model with a deposit of $ 2,000 (1,000 euros). The first deliveries will have to be met by the middle of 2020, with the target being 100,000 points of sale. Anyone who has shown such trust to VW will receive an annual subscription for the free ordering of WeCharge stations of the company through a separate application. Another question is that in Bulgaria there are still no similar stations. And in the country, alternatives are still rare.

How long it takes to deliver the Secret Car in Bulgaria, see the continuation of the material in place of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria!

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