Wednesday , June 16 2021

Schumacher spoke after the incident and was shocked by these findings

Formula 1 legend and motorsport Michael Schumacher talked with his fans and the whole world for the first time since the tragedy that hit his head and suffered permanent brain damage.

The pilot's family, which marks the 50th anniversary of January 3, announced an unspoken interview in which the German talks about his most powerful victory, his rivals on the track and his idol as a child.

"My most powerful victory was with Ferrari in 2000. Then, in 21 years, our team won the championship, and Mika Hakinen, the rival with which we respect most, respects not only the track, but purely human," said the German.

Schumacher was a little surprised at discovering his idol as a child, not pointing to a pilot, but a football player.

"As a kid, I often watched Aero Senna because he was a good pilot, but my real idol was Tony Schumacher, who was an excellent goalkeeper and great athlete," the pilot admits.

The German emphasizes the great role of work and personal development for a successful career, stressing that talent is only a success-based ingredient.

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