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Samsung Display Will Focus on Production of QD-OLED Panels – News

According to Samsung Display's executive director Lee Dong-hoon for The Korea Herald, the company has made significant progress in developing QD-OLED panels and is poised to begin mass production in the near future. Samsung is already making QLED panels, which use LCD panels with quantum dot technology, but the company is looking at a follow-up stage that includes hybrid displays. So far there are no officially supported investments in QD-OLED production. Last year there were rumors that the company would invest around $ 10 trillion ($ 8.3 billion) in new technology, but that's not a fact.

Intermittent Samsung Display Turns Out LCD Panel Production – According to Toz Information Month One of its lines in Asan will have a monthly capacity of 90,000 panels, and consequently will reduce production of 30,000 by another line. It is suggested that the closed line will be re-manufactured for the production of QD-OLED panels. The main reason for the reduction in LCD production is the reduced background exposure of the Kittian manufacturer, but the Samsung Display solution sees a downward trend in QD-OLED panels. In our best years the company manufactures in Korea 250,000 LCD panels per month.

Excerpt: The Korea Herald

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