Tuesday , January 19 2021

Restorer: Finding masters will be a major problem in the restoration of Notre Dame – a society

No funding, but finding craftsmen will be a major problem in the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which burns on Monday. This opinion was expressed by prof. Gregory Grigorov, restorer and professor at the National Academy of Arts, in the act "Hello Bulgaria".

"I was impressed that the mayor of Paris was absolutely convinced that there were no financial problems, they would collect the money, but she said that there would be a big problem with masters who disappeared long ago or not." This is not about restorers, sculptors, architects, I think it will be, "he commented.

According to him, in France there is cooperation with "son-father" who for centuries does such things.

According to him, the word "renewal" should not be used in this case. This is a complete restoration.

He is firmly convinced that time constraints should in no case be important in this case.

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