Wednesday , January 27 2021

Plamen Georgiev's sauna is without documents – News from Bulgaria

Sauna on the terrace of the KPCOPP Main Plamen Georgiev is unpacked. This shows field check, bTV reveals.

Two more buildings there, in the municipality of Slatina, have no documentation, said the mayor of BTV, Natalia Stoyanova. According to the statement on the findings, about 50 square meters of objects.

Case with roof terrace: Check out the buildings of the four bosses.

This is the second check on the roof terrace. The first one was with the previous owner, but that was not over. In 2012, the construction and a glass barracks were found illegal, the municipality claims.

Now there is a sauna and a building of 5 square. The other two buildings are wooden compartments – 38 square meters in size and 6 squares in size.


Plamen Georgiev's sauna has no documents

Plamen Georgiev presented the construction documents and expert assessments to the inspectors. Georgiev himself announced that the terrace was jointly owned by the cooperative and that the First Investment Bank announced that it was not involved in the assessment of his loan for the purchase of a dwelling.

Even at the start of the inspection, the mayor of Slatina said that the status of the terrace itself would be checked – honor or not.

Before bTV neighbors said they did not remember signing documents. By the end of the week, a statement will be made of the findings with final details of the differences on the terrace. It will be sent to "Municipal Building Control". They must serve an order for the illegal building of the owner.


Plamen Georgiev's sauna has no documents

By law, the owner must remove the illegal at his own expense, but may also appeal to the court.

Before bTV, Georgiev said he did not see the findings. He also asked why the municipality did not complete the job 7 years ago. It was categorical that he was unaware that there was something bad in the "Terrace" and that he would not buy an apartment with such objects.


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