Thursday , May 6 2021

Places that you do not need to make your phone VIDEO

It's hard to imagine what the stomach would be without a phone. But did you ever imagine that it was necessary to take it in a bathhouse or a lounge? The following examples show where there are more places, which we often leave behind, without knowing the damage. What are you:

It's safer to put your phone into a dobaba, but it hides its dangers. First of all, you can easily map the screen. It's so incredibly easy for thieves to capture you, without understanding. Do you remember how many times you were picking up a nun, without looking for it, why did you sit down on it?

Delivered on the phone in the dzoba can lead to health problems. The University of Exeter has proven that the electromagnetic waves from the device affect the quantity and quality of the male's semen. Women who are inclined to put their phones in court, but they are advised not to rule it, as this increases the risk of cancer.

В baby's cart is a habit of T-shirts, which is better not to come into existence. Studying sochi, which can lead to problems with the behavior of children, as hyperactivity and attention to attention.

It's not funny to leave your phone and the cold. If the temperature is below 0 degrees and the trail enters the warm room, you will get condensation, which will worsen the situation on the phone. The best way is to buy special cases, which are tailored to all temperatures.

Naj-golamata is a mistake that we make all the time, is to lay down the phone under the head. The waves that exaggerate the device can cause headaches, problems with sleep, which lead to even more serious problems, Darik says.

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