Sunday , July 25 2021

Our volunteer at the KOVID vaccine test told what the Community experienced

Bulgaria’s Marija Spirova, who lives in the UK, has revealed whether vaccines against KOVID-19 are dangerous. She was one of the volunteers who agreed to have the Oxford vaccine tested on them.

Here is what Spirova said:

Every day I get messages from scared people who do not want to be “experienced bunnies” for the new goat vaccines or are afraid that the vaccines will not be well tolerated by their older parents.

I would like to answer briefly here.

Friends and strangers, you are not an experienced bunny.

I am (for the Astra Zeneka vaccine, with almost 30,000 other people). And for the Pfizer vaccine, which has already been approved in the UK, another 43,000 volunteers from around the world. They are experienced bunnies that guarantee that you will not be like that. Please try to understand what this means.

These volunteers have not been injured so far. Do not suffer from bodily injury beyond the usual discomfort after the injection. If they had something or suspected something was wrong with them, the experiment would stop. He also stopped twice during the Astra Zeneka test to find out from independent medics whether the symptoms of the two volunteers were related to the vaccine.

Senior volunteers were selected from all advanced vaccine volunteers. This is natural when developing a vaccine against a virus that is particularly destructive to the adult body. You cannot claim to have developed a disease vaccine that is lethal to a vulnerable group without examining whether it is safe and effective for that particular group.

All these test data are carefully reviewed by independent experts from national regulatory bodies. They all realize the enormous pressure they face to make the right decision without bypassing the standards. Not everything depends only on the shares of a certain company.

Ultimately, you will decide for yourself whether to get vaccinated or not.

It is simply important to make a decision based on factual arguments, not on ignorance of the development and testing process, combined with widespread distrust of authorities such as government or pharmaceutical companies. Yes, they have earned our suspicion and skepticism in other cases. But I think it is useful to focus on the problem here and now – getting out of the crisis with as little damage as possible. Collective immunity is the way forward. We have a number of diseases, precisely because of their prevention with vaccines.

Collective immunity will ease congestion hospitals and help us get back to our normal lives. Vaccination is simply the fastest way to achieve with minimal loss of life. I do not know about you, but if I have to assess the risk of a loved one getting sick and being treated in a Bulgarian hospital now and the risk of getting an internationally developed and tested vaccine, I would like to prevent, if I can, his possibility of disease.

The vaccines we are currently discussing are subject to regulatory control in the European Union. The European Union, like any national government, gets nothing by deliberately and maliciously harming the health of its citizens.

No vaccine is perfect, nor is it possible and necessary for us all to get it at any cost. But, as always, we need sobriety and a realistic assessment of what is the least evil in this case and what is the most acceptable risk. Now more than ever.

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