Friday , May 7 2021

Orlin Pavlov hides his gadget in … – BLITZ

Orlin Pavlov shook his friends from now on to keep a full silence about his own life. The singer who, at the moment, swung into "Screw heirs", did not want to reproduce details near his tie with an exotic brunette with chetiers on a mulatto, with a coat on the coupon for the start of the season in bTV. It was even more difficult for him to know whether the young lady would make her a bastard, as it is said over the last days.

Tsvetelina Grachev stripped her half-naked in the snow, saved everything from the Golem tragedy

The last version about Orlin's love life is, if she puts herself in the beginning of the next year. The very same acknowledged acknowledgment, now that the show was released on the first album, "Oŝe malko", followed by a concert in the National Palace of Culture and a tour from Bulgaria, will be allowed to leave the house in January, the "Gallery" wrote.

New TV in front of a grandiose outfit, connected with Victor Angelov

According to the world's cuckoos from Sofia, Pavlov would give up at the foyer, where she lived in Dubai often, away from Sofia. He was quite surprised, though he would make the parent, but he did not care less to play the most important role of the world.

It was still too early for bonds to settle for a wedding. Orlin approving models of a close friend Vasil Petrov, who has been living for years without marriage with Margaret's maiden.

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