Wednesday , November 25 2020

Nikolai left “Games of will: Bulgaria by precedent

An unprecedented clash between two purebred fishermen had the opportunity to see the spectators in “Games of Will: Bulgaria”. The series of four losses forced the blue tribe to send two of them to the Arena, and Ekaterina and Nikolai were given the opportunity to compete in a battle for survival. The two came out ready to fight for their place among the best players, but the tests on the multi-component track strained Nikolai at the border and he refused to finish the duel.

At the allied duel, Joanna and Chudomir were tasked with organizing pieces of Tetris into an ideal cube. he did not threaten to leave.

Shortly afterwards, striving for victory, the nominees set foot in the Arena. The duel required patience, resourcefulness, speed and a sharp mind. Nikolai took the lead after overcoming the first obstacle, but Ekaterina quickly equalized and won a small lead in the second element. The waiter and the model tried to maintain their position, breaking the rules and received a penalty that was postponed for a minute. The impatience and difficulties he experienced with the obstacle threw him off balance, and then out of the game at will. This decision made Katja complete the challenge on her own.

“Here I realized that I can be who I am in real life. What is in my heart, it is in my language. I am proud of myself!” Nikolai said categorically, leaving the Arena for the last time.

The victory of the yoga and ski instructor brought her immunity, with which she qualified in the last week of the competition and thus became the first reliable finalist in “Games of Will: Bulgaria”. “I am very angry that he surrendered. I did not expect Nikolai to give up at all. I already have 380 groschen, but my joy after such a battle is a bit bitter,” Ekaterina said after the match.

Meanwhile, at the residence, harvesters are already considering possible scenarios for the upcoming battles, and fishermen are trembling in anticipation of who will return. The final is getting closer and every victory is important, and the upcoming week will bring many surprises and unexpected upheavals for both tribes. Which of them will be the winner in the last territorial battle of the season and why the spectacular clash of the captain on Tuesday will be decisive as before?

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