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Neftchimik – Ludogorets 1: 2, goal by Lukoki

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Tournament: Cup of Bulgaria

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1: 2!

Lukok makes the cheek full!

Apostolov's mistake in the half of Neftochimik's practice was made by Lukoki alone in the middle.

The experienced footballer of Ludogorets was not mistaken.

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Flt card for Radev.

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Scenic image of Karamfilov.


Goooooooooooooooooooooh !!!

1: 1!

Infestation of Djibota.

A breakthrough in the Galski centrifuge, the ball just above the boundary of the point field, whichever Shibotta stroke accurately, the equilibrium equation.

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Giorgino passes to the border of Lukoki's impasse.

He shoots.

The ball does not hit the door.


Forced housekeeping and housekeeping.

Georgiev changed the Filipov.


The Apostle's Testimony to Iliev from a Far Distance!

About two meters away from the same footballers of the hostess remained.

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A terrifying feud of the Apostle with Moses.

Focusing on him is not correct.

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The game has been updated.

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The first half suggested many moments before both doors.

The guests are expected to impose a territorial veil on the principle of duplicity, but the counterpoints of the supernatural look very dangerous.

Namely, in a situation like this for the next 12 minutes, Apostolov cut the ball close to the penalty area, and Kato jokingly crossed over to defenders of the opponent and fired Iliev for 1: 0.

In the aftermath of many strong moments for the ravaged, Kato's entire four-foot stagaha is shot through the door frame to Andonov.

Primary Biton could scream for missed chances, as close to failure as possible for the outcome.

Vedníz and the goalie Apostolov hardly despaired of being a doormat, trying to get centered on Andonov, but instead of shooting at the side beam.

Static positioning does not lead to a disappointing result for Ludogorets, as the "green" had a set of goals to reach the goal, but they did not have to do it.

It must have been half an hour to play, Bakalov was forcibly replaced by Lukoki, half-dead.

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Filipov strikes a self-propelled shot from the boundary of the punctuation field.

Iliev saved me.

Good housekeeping ability.

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Giorgino planting.

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Ivan Kolev is the next corner kicker for the hosts.

Iliev saved me.

There is also a disturbance in Lukoki.


Forced death.

Bakalov has been replaced by Lukoki.

Looks like Bakalov's outburst.


Giorgino planting.


Bitumen is worshiped at the border of the impasse field.


Andonov fired the ball first, hit the upper beam and got into the game.


New beam for Ludogorets!

Tozi pъt Apostolov hardly carries an own goal.

Next comes Corner and Biton arrow on the cross beam.

Malchance for the champions.


Goral centers.

Djibota tried to slice the ball, but to no avail.

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Flip card for Filipov.

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Shot away distance of Biton!

The turnpike passes over Neftohimik's door.


Optional guest invitations.

The shot is not reached.

One gift is sent to the Apostle.


Iliev toozi pъt save!


Goooooooooooooooooooooooooh !!!

1: 0!

A tragic failure of The Apostle!

Crossed the joke on the jaws of protecting the broken and scattered Iliev!

Oblivion for housewives!


Unbelievable, but a fact! Naked!

The ball ricochets into the beam at the home side's door following Dyakov's long shot.

Giorgino experienced the supply, the door saved.

Next up and Ikoko doesn't want to send the ball into the net.

Ksmet for Naftohimik.

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New pass in Iliev's field.

This morning I was trying to cut the word out of the air.

Attractive Neftohimik Attack System Attacker, but don't miss out on infestation.

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Bitcoin Sharpens!

The ball is kicked out by the hosts.

Good situation for guest accommodation.

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Highly raised arm of Neftochemical's defender.

Giorgio's brain disorder near the door of the stern.

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Centering in the field of Ludogorets.

Miroslav Radev is undergoing acrobatic surgery.

The side scissors failed, the ball fell into the back of the net.

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First CD signal.

At the Arena Sozopol Nefttochimik (Burgas) hegemon in Bulgarian football Ludogorets. Lucky is the 1/16 Finals of the tournament for the Bulgaria Cup.

At your last training session the housewives were busy practicing a stadium in Bulgaria. It includes soccer coaches, and next to you a new team of players.

He has no chance to get into the hands of football players and old-fashioned Diane Petkov. In the last match between Chernomorets (Balchik), he dropped his fifth yellow card and demanded a waiver of one's rights.

Nefttochimik's Pavel Zdravkov Returns: I Will Give Myself To The Ludogorets

V. Neftohimik: I'll give myself a squeeze on Ludogorets

"I got the transfer Nedalyko Moskov"

Madogorec pъk analysis for his 21st official kicks off the season. By the sea, the ravens discover their third front battlefields, and then begin their journey to the Bulgarian Cup.


Reflector: Official site of Ludogorets

The Eagles have been more successful in the Europa League and in the domestic championship, but they will now certainly be reluctant to show up to the rest of the championships, as they will not be unsubscribed for the tournament.

KESHERU: I'll help Genchev order the piece in Ludogorets

KESHERU: I'll help Genchev order the piece in Ludogorets

The stories are flattering for a trend

Champions Teacher Stanislav Genchev's safety We will take care of ourselves in light of the heavily loaded schedule for the fall season. He will need to rotate his pitch so as to give minutes and theses, which fall short in other tournaments, and some of the stars have to face important battles before the end of the month and the principle of follow-up. It is hoped that the younger boys will get a chance to hear about Cactus and the latest Taleb Tawatha.

Children up to 7 years old will be admitted to the stadium free of charge today.

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