Sunday , May 9 2021

Mortality from KOVID-19 in people with diabetes is three times higher

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There is probably a higher risk of KOVID-19 infection in people with diabetes. But there is certainly a higher risk of serious illness, mechanical ventilation and mortality. Mortality in people with diabetes is three times higher. This is on Channel 3, the endocrinologist prof. Zdravko Kamenov.

Diabetes itself leads to the suppression of the immune system. The presence of high blood sugar leads to glycation of antibodies. Hyperglycaemia causes glycation of receptors on cells affected by the coronavirus. Diabetes mellitus leads to micro and macrovascular disorders. 2/3 of people with diabetes die from cardiovascular disease.

Prof. Kamenov pointed out that the injuries are first in the lungs – pneumonia, fibrosis. This is followed by a storm of cytokines. Biologically active substances are released. The risk of clots in the smallest vessels increases. Diabetes itself changes platelets.

Both types of diabetes are equally at risk for the more severe course. Type 1 develops at a younger age. In Type 2, the social and health burden is greater. Decompensating diabetes is a very important thing, said the endocrinologist.

Women generally have protection against cardiovascular disease until the age of menopause. Then the risk is equal for both men and women. The average life expectancy of women is longer.

“Half of people in intensive care units have high blood sugar. Of these 50 percent, only 5% remain with diabetes for years. This indicates acute hyperglycaemia due to the disease,” said prof. Zdravko Kamenov.

His opinion is that when taking an immunostimulant, he can not focus on getting the job done. It is reserved for immunostimulants. Prevention is compliance with the measures.

“In pre-diabetes, things come back, but usually type 2 diabetes is detected too late. It can manifest in a variety of ways. There are several symptoms – increased fluid intake, food, fatigue. These things can focus on testing. of blood sugar. “

Prophylactic antibiotics are definitely harmful, the professor said. They affect bacteria, not viruses. The task of the virus is to destroy the defenses of an organ in order to initiate secondary bacterial infections. In this situation, an antibiotic should already be taken.

“There is no joke when using heparin and anticoagulants. In primary prophylaxis, the gastroenterology wards are filled with ulcers and gastritis.”

When administered when taken by appropriate people, blood plasma is likely to have a beneficial effect, according to the endocrinologist.

Regarding the weight of the Bulgarian, prof. Kamenov said Bulgarians rank 10th in Europe in terms of obesity. 2/3 of the population is overweight and obese. Obesity is a disease. The body mass index is 18 -25 normal. Overweight is between 25 and 30, and over 30 is obesity. The index is calculated when kilograms are divided by height in meters and squared.

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