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Monitoring Webber: A Good Work by Boljko Borisov – EU

The chairman of the EPP group welcomed the premiere Boljko BorisovBoljko Borisov

Boljko Metodiev Borisov is Minister-President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

He was born on June 13, 1959 about the good work and reforms of our system, the fight against corruption and the fight for organized transparency.

A profile on social network Twitter has determined the European Commission's monitoring visit to Bulgaria as good news for the European People's Party group.

"There is good news for the ENP group today. Bulgaria may leave Mechanism for corruption and vigilance reform, fight corruption and fight for organized transparency. Good job of Boljko Borisov"

Now the end of monitoring needs to be approved and approved by the European Council.

Require to adopt an official solution to the reversal of the mechanism The Commission will present the daily reports of the European Parliament and the European Parliament and then introduce the technical notes, and will adopt a final decision to revoke the revision.

Monitoring membership of Bulgaria and Romania since 12 years old. Both parties are the only members of the Obligation, placed under such a watch. His goal was to assist in the reform of the government, the suppression of the rule of law, and the fight against corruption.

Last year the EC came out with only three deliveries to Bulgaria and it was too early for our site to fill them. Then this is a suggested proposition, on the 18th, an orderly ending will be the last.

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