Thursday , January 21 2021

: Minister of Health: Emergency epidemics will be extended after January ::

Minister of Health: The situation with emergency epidemics will continue after January

The situation with the epidemic will be extended until the end of January, after which, according to the data, another extension will be made – until March. Bulgaria does not stop monitoring the situation in other countries in order to orient itself with its measures. An analysis was made with all line ministers on the impact of the restrictive measures before proceeding with the orders. This was stated by the Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov for bTV.

Regarding the order to allow celebrations of up to 15 people, he explained: “December 8 is allowed in places where it can. Control will be serious. We have created an organization to allow any action outside the minister’s order. The main idea is to avoid mass infection, where there is a lot of congestion, we want to limit it, we can not forbid people to live, our measures are similar to other countries – we follow a clear policy that follows the logic of all According to medical experts in swimming pools, the risk of infection is less than in gyms. “

Angelov also clarified the purchase. The morning from 8.30 to 10.30 is the “green corridor” only for people aged 65 and over 65. The rest of the time they will still be able to shop, but then it is already allowed for all other customers.

The instructions for PCR have not been specified yet, it became clear from the words of the Minister. “We are deciding step by step. Switzerland has 8 million inhabitants, it has 800 intensive care beds. Yesterday I came across an article that there are no more hospital beds. Is there a system in the world that can withstand such pressure – the answer is no,” he said. Prof. Angelov.

Asked about the lack of places and refusal to be admitted to hospital, the health minister said a clear plan had been followed. He denies that he acted with delay and without concrete guidance. Morbidity was constantly monitored.

The Minister of Health also explained what was done during the summer, there was an organization with the bodies of the RIH, the police and the fire brigade; additional cars are required; procurement of drugs; a clear description of which hospitals are opening and which are closing. “Definitely not a single day of the summer months sleeps. 2-3 days after my appointment, I issued an order for any organization of medical facilities. It was made as permitted. If anyone can create new doctors and nurses, I can not I can to do it “.

“The problem is not organizational. “There is no staff,” said prof. Angelov. “These are the possibilities of our health system today. It is unreformed, it needs serious repairs. We do not have a public consensus, we do not have a political one. That is, such are the possibilities,” the health minister explained.

From the very beginning, we called on people to follow the measures. This is the result of disregarding them, underestimating the virus, burning masks. The great distrust towards the institutions led to this result. We should not look for culprits. The solution is one – compliance with the measures and respect for doctors. This was also stated by the Minister of Health, Prof. Dr. Kostadin Angelov, who acknowledged that mortality in Bulgaria is serious. According to him, however, we should not blame ourselves now, but unite.

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