Monday , June 14 2021

Minister Kralev gave the cartoonist Ivet Gorava – Sport

Minister Kralev awarded an honorary plaque on the bronze medal at the World Karate Championship, Ivet Goranova

Minister of Youth and Sports Krasen Kralev awarded an honorary plaque to the MMC of Ivet Gorava, who won the historic first medal for Bulgaria from the World Men's and Women's Olympic Men's Karate Championship.

The 18-year-old Man won the bronze medal in the 55 kilogram Olympics Olympics at the Madrid World Championships (Spain).

"Thank you for what you have done and you will still do for the Bulgarian sports glory. I wish you to be healthy, you do not have any injuries and I am convinced that you still have many victories," said Kralev, who received a copy of her bronze medal from Yvette .

In the Goranova category there were a total of 75 competitors, while in a bronze dispute, Bulgaria beat Sarah Yamada from Japan. At the beginning, the broom eliminated the leader of Angelika Sergey (Ukraine) by 3: 1. In the national team, our girlfriend made a remarkable 1: 0 victory against the former number one in the world and Europe Sarah Cardin.

The honorary MMC medal also received the personal coach of Goranov, Angel Lenkov, from whom the minister requested a special program for the competitor, which will be financed by the Ministry of Sport as a priority and the goal is to win an Olympic quota.

Krasen Kralev and the president of the Bulgarian National Karate Federation Alexei Petrov discussed the preparation of Bulgarian competitors, and those who have the opportunity to win quotas for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will join the Olympic team and will also be funded by the MMC.

Kralev expressed his opinion that karate is a sport with extremely strong social functions and a very serious mass. Petrov presented his ideas for the development of his sport among students and adolescents.

The meeting was attended by the vice-president of the Bulgarian National Karate Federation, and the president of the club competed with Ivet Goranov KM "Petromaks" Rusalin Rusalinov.

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