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Medvedev’s march in London continues with an impressive turn against Nadal: TennisCafe

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Daniel Medvedev – Rafael Nadal 3-6, 7-6 (4), 6-3

Danil Medvedev found a place in the ATP final trophy match in London after recording a three-set victory over Rafael Nadal. The Russian was in a difficult situation at the end of the second set, when his opponent served to win, but showed enviable self-control and in the end deserved the success after just over two and a half hours on the field at the “O2 Arena”.

Thus, in tomorrow’s final, Medvedev, who lost all three matches in the groups of the tournament in 2019, will face last year’s finalist Dominique Thiem.

The effective service this time was Medvedev’s weapon, as the Russian recorded 12 aces versus only 3 for Nadal. Both had almost the same percentage of points won in the first serve, but in those of the second the Russian had a small advantage with 48% efficiency, while Nadal recorded 37%. However, Medvedev showed a lot of loss in terms of his successful points, realizing only 36% of them (4 out of 11), while Matadora was much more accurate with his 75% (3 out of 4).

Nadal was the first to advance in the Games, but then Medvedev took the initiative. The Russian first leveled the score in the set, and in the third game he reached three points for a breakthrough, but failed to realize any of them and that allowed his opponent to turn the score around. The Russian quickly shook off his disappointment and equalized again at 2-2, after which he and Nadal exchanged another match.

Immediately after came the big moment of Matador. World №2 significantly increased the pace and won three consecutive games (one of them to zero), finishing the set in their favor with their first set after 48 minutes of play.

ATP final_2020_ Rafael Nadal

Despite the development of the match, the second set started in a great way for Medvedev. The Russian demonstrated great tennis, giving only one point to the champion of Roland Garros in the first three matches and gained a comfortable lead. Nadal reduced the deficit after one match to zero, but Medvedev quickly cut him off and restored the three-match lead to 4-1.

Medvedev had a golden chance to kill the intrigue in the set by reaching a step forward in the sixth game, but Nadal got out of the difficult situation and won the game. This proved to be just the beginning of a very strong series for the Spaniard, who continued to dominate and made a spectacular turnaround, bringing the score to 5-4 in his favor.

Nadal served for the match, but Medvedev avoided the danger in the best possible way by winning the tenth match at zero, and then tried again for 6-5. This time, however, Nadal was much more convincing in his pass and came to a tie-break.

At the beginning, both exchanged one point, after which Medvedev made a very important break for 4-1. Nadal returned the intrigue, reducing it to 4-3, but the Russian made another breakthrough and reached three consecutive set points. The Spaniard saved the first, but Medvedev did not allow his opponent to continue hoping for a turnaround and won 7-4.

ATP-final_2020_Daniel Medvedev

In the first game of the last set, Medvedev reached a new point of breakthrough, but once again failed to use the opportunity and Nadal returned the result. The Russian returned the equalizer after the match to zero, after which the two continued to be unmistakable in their passes and thus came the second break in the set with the result 3-2 for Nadal.

After that, however, Medvedev returned as a transformer on the field and completely changed the development of the set, winning the next three games. In the seventh, the Russian missed two more break points and soon had to bend at an important moment, but this time the №4 world resisted Nadal’s pressure and realized the third point of the break, which opened in front of him.

Nadal served to stay in the match and took the lead in the ninth match three times, but Medvedev was flawless in the decisive moments and put pressure at the right moment, which helped him win the game, and thus the match, to set the final 3-0 6, 7-6, 6-3 in their favor.

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