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Lokomotiv Plovdiv robbed in September and touched the final of the Cup of Bulgaria

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Lokomotiv Plovdiv defeated the guest 4-0 in the first semifinal match for the Cup of Bulgaria. With this success, the coaches of the coach Bruno Akropovic made a rematch almost impossible for the rival and with a certainty reviewed the tournament's final.

Before the signal of the first referee, everyone at the stadium celebrated the legend of Levski Alexander Kostov and the soccer and football expert Jordan Andreev Muratev-Dakat in a minute's silence. The two died at the start of the week.

Stolichani had a good opportunity to lead in the 11th minute, but Martin Lukov beat Asen Chandarov.

A little later, Fabiano Alves of the prisoners stuck in the penalty box, the black-and-white striker Dimitar Iliev and judge Stanislav Todorov ordered a penalty. Iliev fired exactly from the white spot and the locomotives led to 1: 0 in 14 minutes. Five minutes later, a Bahcic center on the left, Stefan Eze scored 2-0.

The guests reacted, and three minutes later, Ilia Dimitrov gave Swadakh Sachhtyti, who entered the penalty area, shooting, but Lukov ejected his legs. The ball again fell in the legs of Sahiti, but with that, he would be in the body of the Lokomotiv goalkeeper.

The hosts scored a third goal in the 28th minute. Dimitar Iliev handed Edin Bakhtik, and then Ante Aralic, who beat Momcil Tsvetanov, whose right-hand shot sent the ball into the opposing goal for 3: 0.

By the end of the half, Black and White continues to dominate, but failed to score a fourth goal.

The guests tried to change it in the second half. In the 55th minute Boris Galchev focused on direct free kick Eze missed the ball, dropped in Chandyarov, who shot his head, but Martin Lukov was killed.

Four minutes later, the guests demanded a penalty in the center of Sahiti, and the ball met Igor Banovic with a hand in the strike, but Stanislav Todorov decided that the distance between the two players was too low and he did not assess the toughest penalty.

Locomotives began to act even more carefully in defense to avoid a goal. In the 76th minute, Boris Ganchev shoots 25 meters but is off.

The hosts patiently followed their chance and in the 87th minute they reached the fourth goal. In the 87th minute, Momcil Cvetanov took the ball in the center, handed Igor Banovic to the left of the strike and hit the final 4: 0 with a strong kick.

Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) – September – 4: 0

The best archers: 1: 0 Dimitar Iliev 14-penalty, 2: 0 Stefan Eze 19, 3: 0 Momchil Tsvetanov (28), 4: 0 Igor Banovich 87

LocomotiveMartin Lukov, Abdelhakim Buna, Dimitar Vesalov, Steven Eze, Milos Petrovich, Igor Banovich, Janko Angelov (72-Parvis Umarbaev), One Bakhtikh (68-Allen Abybal), Momchil Tsvetanov, Dimitar Iliev, Ante Araly), Dimitar Iliev

September: Valentin Galev, Aleksandar Dulgerov, Zdravko Dimitrov, Georgi Stoichkov, Asen Chandarov, Fabiano Alves, Alexandru Bengh, Swat Sohti (74-Mateo Stamatov), ​​Boris Galchev, Ilija Dimitrov (65-Christopher Masamba)

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