Wednesday , April 21 2021

Liverpool did not surrender to the title, takes off Huddersfield and returns to the top

The Premier League title is still alive! Liverpool beat Huddersfield 5-0 home defeat in the 36th round of the English elite, and after this game came back with 91 points, although there was a match more than Manchester City.

It was the tenth consecutive success of Euergen Klop on all tournaments, and the eighth consecutive loss for the visiting team, which already turned out to be the elite of England and at the end of the next season, will compete in the championship.

Kitt opened in the 43rd second of the match, and in 23rd Manah doubled the lead of the Reds and killed all the intrigues in this game. The classic result was formed by Salah, which scored in the first half.

In the 66th minute Mane scored his second goal in the match and in the 83rd minute Hall did it.

The meeting began in a fantastic way for the hosts, and in the 43rd century, Keita slammed the ball in the penalty area after a visiting player had previously submitted a request for Salah, who found his colleague in a good position.

After 17 minutes, the home side's defenders cleared the ball on the line, but Van Deek's cross from the right flank was fumbled in front of the goal and easily dealt with by the opposition.

However, however, the pressure of the hosts said that the word in the 23rd minute Mane doubled. Robertson had a good coveted field and Senegalese caught the ball a few meters to send it to the opponent's net.

It followed a few quiet minutes, and in the 43nd minute Henderson made a stun and somehow in a good position sent the ball through the door.

However, at the very end halfway, Hall made the host's leadership classically. He passes the goalie goalkeeper in a very elegant way and scored the ball in the opposite door.

The second half started very hard for the hosts and in the 49th minute Mane did not find the door and sent the ball over it, and five minutes later hosts, especially Stage, were not respected.

In 66th minute, Mane's head short distance beat the opponent's goalkeeper and scored his second goal in the match.

Ten minutes later, Mane can shape his hat-trick, but in the end

In the 83rd minute, Henderson found the discovered Salah, who had no choice but to score a light ball on the door, and at the end of the match there were no more goals.


1: 0 Keta 1
2: 0 Man 23
3: 0 Salah 45 + 1
4: 0 Man 66
5: 0 Salah 83

Liverpool: Allison, Van Dyk, Lovren, Robertson, Alexander-Arnold, Keith, Wainwold, (74 – Shakuri) Henderson, Mane, Salah, Sturridge

Huddersfield: Liedler, Congo, Schindler, Smith, Durham, Stankovic, Hog, Bakun, Grant, Mbenza, Munich (65 – Leven)

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