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Lily Ivanova Will be whipped, a niece of…

Lily Ivanova Will be whipped, a niece of…

The pawn weighs 43 kg

September 28, 2019, Saturday, 18:20 pm

Receiving native folk music inventions is a fad for you

Lily Ivanova is aware of all her perfectionism and over-pedagogy not only on stage, but also after enjoying her life and her personal habits, write

The reception of native folk music is never a hiding place, it feeds on precisely defined products, the indentations of which are precisely defined. As a result of this emblematic of the emblematic hits "Clover" and "Gjurce" the night is a bit weak, which will definitely be a blow.

Lily is a nimble wanderer who climbs on a daily basis, at 43kg, a tawny horn, close to her, but also with an unadulterated eye that puts everything at the receiving concerts.

Unlike many native folks, who rely on photocopier services to make a comeback, the singer prefers cure hunger to achieve any results.

"I'm squeaky, but I'm moderate. My choice is this – to look at the weak. The problem is not the pounds, but the grams.

They are drenched for a day and most are sprouted up to 200g, up to a maximum of 300, and on the following day or the following day you are all 43kg. ”

We must not forget, except for what looks good in our mouths, Lily Ivanova sleeps 12-13 hours a day, because sleep is very important to her.

The funny thing is, when a concert is ahead of her, she doesn't put a lot of money in her mouth to make her feel better on stage. It can afford only 1-2 belts.

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