Wednesday , June 16 2021

Levski performed against Montana on Gerena – BG Football – First League

Levski withdrew 2: 3 to Montana in a control match, which he played in the break for the national teams.

The duel took place at the stadium "Georgi Asparuhov", which the head of the club, Spas Rusev did not see. Among the guests were the "blue" youth and former goalkeeper of the team Nikolai Mihaylov.

Slavia Stoyanoviova chose the plant under Nikolay Krastev. The reserve under the frame was another young man – Dimitar Sheytanov.

For the first time since the beginning of the season, Bojidar Mitrev and Martin Polacek have remained undecided outside the group in recent months.

In the match for Lewski Rivalvaldo returned, who was recovering from the trauma. In the absence of the injured captain Ivan Goranov, Nagnoni stayed behind. The defender gave a great assistant to the first goal of the "blue" Athanas Kabov.

Otherwise, Lewski began with hesitation, and thus the cascade of the shot. Then "blue" controlled the match and pushed the opponent from the second field. So, until the break, Slavis Stojanovic's boys made a complete turn.

After the break Serbian specialist made a few changes. Some inaccuracies in the Lefkara ranking cost two new hits in the "blue" network, which eventually receded.

Lewski did not concentrate, and the first more serious "blue" error was punished. In 6th minute the attackers set weak attacks, Sergei Georgiev appeared on the right, which gives 1: 0.

Then "blue" raised the turnover and loaded some nice attacks. Rivaldin tried the shot for the first time over 20 meters above the bar. Levsky's pressure was continued, and in the 26th minute the boys Slaviša Stojanović leveled out. Nganjoni found himself well with long pass Atanas Kabov in the penalty area, and he managed to score 1: 1.

Levskariri continued to press and in the 32nd minute Paulinho stood in front of the pennant, knocking Rivaldzzo, who managed to shoot above the door. Shortly after, Paulinho made a huge raid with the counter for the hosts, he fell into the box, and then fell. Kabob, on the right, raised his hands in protest, but the referee let the game continue.

Shortly before the end of the first part, Levski made a full turn. Atanas Cabov is on the right, Sergiu Bush has mastered, and then he fell to Paulinho, who was promoted to 2-1.

At the beginning of the second part of Stojanovic played Anthony Belmont, who replaced Eliya Yurukov. It was a midfielder who made a mistake in the 52nd minute and it allowed Atanas Iliev to create 2: 2.

Ferrario Spasov players made a full turn in 76 minutes. Borislav Damyanov was omitted from the defensive and scored 3: 2 with a shot.


Levski: 89. Krustev, 2. Nganioni, 3. Belaid, 6. Naydenov, 7. Paulin, 9. Bush, 10. Rivaldin, 20. Nachhimento, 28. Yablonski, 77. Yurukov, 93. Kabov

Senior trainer: Slavisa Stojanovic

Montana 1. Orlinov, 2. Popov, 3. Aytow, 21. Trifonov, 5. Tsonkov, 13. Yordanov, 14. Gavov, 7. Ramadan, 11. Georgiev, 22. S. Georgiev 17. Misyak

Senior trainer: Ferrario Spassov

Preparation of the meeting:

90 + 3 & # 39; End of the match

88 & # 39; Belaid was replaced by Alex Borimirov.

80 & # 39; Left foul on the left. Davide Mariani is focused, but he was not able to detect it on the network.

77 Bush has left the game. Luan Viana appeared in his place.

76 & # 39; MONTANA TAKES ON LEVSKI – 3: 2. After a mistake in the "blue" rows, Borislav Damyanov went out to the firing position to attract the guests forward.

66 & # 39; Four changes in the Levski. They leave Nashimento, Naidenov, Paulinho and Rivaldinho. The game includes Tiam, Davide Mariani, Rivaldin and Paulinho.

60 & # 39; Nganjoni was injured and was substituted by Reisch.

52 & # 39; MONTANA ISRAVNI – 2: 2. After the difficult mistake of Anthony & # 39; ego Belmont, the Athena Iliev rifleman from Montaña went to the firing position and made no mistake.

46 & # 39; Cabov was replaced by Stanislav Ivanov and Yurukov from Auntney Belmont.

46 & # 39; The beginning of the second half

45 & # 39; The end of the first part

41 & # 39; LEVSKI GOAL – 2: 1. Kaboev was centered on the right, and then Sergiu Bush mastered and joined with Paulineo, who brought "blue" forward.

34 & # 39; Paulinho made a big attack and went to the pennant, but he fell. "Blue" claimed to be a white point, but the referee signaled the game to continue.

32 & # 39; Paulinho took the lead, knocking smartly to Rivaldinho, who managed to score, but above the door.

26 & # 39; GOAL FOR LEVSKI – 1: 1. "The Blues" equalized in 26 minutes after Nganjoni found the great Atanas Kabov. The young man managed to detect and restore equality.

22 & # 39; Atanas Kabov was already at his feet, but the ball bounced off the post.

19 & # 39; Nice attack on Lewski. Paulinho let go of Bush, but he could not fight between the three. The ball fell into Rilvadinho, whose shot was deflected.

16 & # 39; A nice Rivaldinho shot over 20 meters runs just above the crossbar.

6 & # 39; MONTANA PURPOSE – 1: 0. The guests did a good job on the right side, and Sergei Georgiev managed to make a shot and unleash a goal for the guests.

1 & # 39; The beginning of the match

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