Monday , June 21 2021

Kralev: There is no problem with CSKA databases

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CSKA signed a base contract with the Ministry of Sport at the beginning of 2018. Sport Minister Krasen Kralev talked to Thema Sport in connection with the new law on physical education and sports and the basics of CSKA.

"The law comes into force on January 17. I conduct talks with CSKA management. We have a plan in which we operate and the program we are working on. Let's do our job, then comment on it. We do not have to press. The basics are CSKA and everything is fine," said Kralev.

At the beginning of 2018, the Club acquired "Army" and Pancharevo for 10 years after signing the contract with the Ministry of Sport. Under the new law, each club will be able to take the base for another maximum of 30 years.

The management of CSKA has already expressed a desire to extend the contract. A strong army man, Grisha Ganchev, made an interesting commentary on the databases in his interview from a month ago.

Then he said: "At the stadium, I think we have to talk to you again, it's not normal that CSKA pays 96,000 lion a month for these two ruins, maybe the only club in the world that pays for something. There is nothing in exchange for this, the rent is 96 thousand lion. Monthly.

Separately, BGN 250,000 are paid by the user for construction tax, waste fees and so on. CSKA is now a user. By collecting these numbers, they have nearly 1.5 million! How many teams in Group A have such a budget? And this is just a CSKA rent!

At least the minister of sport is a serious person and I think we will agree. Let us agree to a public-private partnership, "said Ganchev on one of the most current topics of the Army.

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