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Kicka Bodurova hassle girl –

Kicka Bodurova was a child. The extravagant legend has decided to magnify his family as a single member, writes "Bulgarie Today".

The singer, who has lived in the SAF for many years, gave up dreaming about every little girl. But it was decided to complete the complex procedure for only one year.

During the winter, Kicka submits documents on mourning and etiquette, for weeks on end and husband Chris Zarp has taken over the rights to a baby girl left behind by her parents. The baby is sitting on the couch, and Kicka is a homosexual from "Home Mother and Child".

The songwriter made a quick concert with us, but was quick to pick it up, as the school year begins at SAF on September 1 and she is trying to prepare a new family affair. It does not hide that there is a lot of confusion during the post-mortem process.

"There were many pregnancies. I don't want to give details about the little girl. When it comes time," said Kick.

The singles have a very sweet Christie-Jacqueline, who is not eager to get to know her sister. There is a huge difference over the years, given to your mother, which will pay much attention to the child.

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