Tuesday , June 22 2021

Jose Kante spoke about his unsuccessful transfer to CSKA

Guinea striker José Kante spoke about his unsuccessful transfer to CSKA. The African woman admitted that she was extremely close to signing the "red", but unfortunately refused to pay a transfer fee for her rights in Legia (Warsaw).

In the end, Guildi continued his career in the second division Spain Chemist Tragona.

"CSKA and Legija have reached an agreement on my transfer, but, as far as I know, they did not want to pay a transfer fee, they did not agree on the economic parameters, so I chose the Turkish offer for Ankaraaguzhu and even bought the tickets for my security. I chose and I accepted the offer from the last moment in the Chemist.

Now I'm happy that things have evolved this way. I was away from Spain for four and a half years and now I am happy to be back here and take it in the eyes of all my relatives, "Kante told Spanish media.

Jose Kante interrupted CSKA for a proposal from Spain

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