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In Nesebir protesting, shutting down to park properly (Overview)


For the sake of great public interest the following district manager of Burgas and the chief of the provincial electoral commission pie the CEC to act on Monday, when the arestant is able to bend

On Monday, when Nikolai Dimitrov's arestat is set to fall, there will be a protest in Nessebar.

The Initiative Committee, which he set up for a four-term mandate, called on the residents of the seaside for hours before lunch, set up for the tropical ceremony. Many are encouraged to park properly in order to avoid theses that do not join the protest.

Dimitrov's lawyer – Ina Lulcheva, sent a letter of request to the Specialized Prosecutor's Office to declare Nikolai Dimitrov to be released on a rampage, to have his dormitory dismissed. The argument is that the work is not the competence of Specialized Procurement. This is the solution of the Conciliation Decree of 2011, according to Keta, which was organized by special groups, including organized transnational groups, and some of them.

The indictment could not be delivered after Lulcheva's first expression – the sacrifice of Emeritus, either to be changed under guard, or to convict him of a curse. According to procurators, taking a curse is not the basis for changing the mind.

After a case, the CEC on Tuesday sent the ball to the district manager of Burgas Vlach Cholakov to ask what to do with the ceremony in Nessebir. "The CEC's half-dozen sentences, which are punishable by law, is not an authority under the law, which is beyond competence," Cholakov explained. Due to the great public interest in the case, which is a precedent in Bulgaria, the district CIK Kato Hrist has not been in charge of it.

"The Nessebar Townspeople are interested and have the right to know what procedures are in place after being selected by their managers. But by law, my legal right is to call – to convene the first session of the Obligatory Council and to lock it up, ”Cholakov explained.

The chairman of the Provincial Electoral Commission in Nessebir Silvia Dimitrova is all a cuckold and an answer, so no legal hypotheses have been put in place.

Except for the arestation of serfs, it is unclear how the two selected but sustained provincial luminaries will be judged – Georgi Georgiev and Petry Khrusafov.

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