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IN IVO: Liverpool – Chelsea 0: 1, ouiru brings Blue forward – Football world – Another

Liverpool and Chelsea play 0-1 in Europe's Super Cup. The goal was scored by Olivier Giroud in the 36th minute.

Merseyside won the Champions League this year with a 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur, while the Blues surpassed Arsenal in the Europa League final 4-1.

For the first time in history, the European Super Cup competition will be entirely between English teams. The Reds won the trophy three times and the Londoners once.

Another interesting thing tonight will be about the main player on the pitch – the referee. For the first time, a woman will have such an important meeting. The duel was entrusted to Frenchman Stephanie Frappar, and her assistants will be Manuel Nicolas and Michelle O'Neill. The fourth arbitrator will be Turkish Arbitrator Jununt Hacker.

In the fifth minute, Liverpool demanded a penalty. Henderson is centered in the penalty area where Sadio Manet tries to shoot with a scissors from behind but the ball hits Christensen's hand. The judge just ruled the corner. Seconds later, Matip's header hits the goalkeeper's goal.

In the ninth minute, Salah centered on a free kick in the Blues' penalty area, where a small stir came. The ball reaches Fabiano who shoots but Cap catches. Pedro made the first knock on Liverpool's door in the 11th minute, but the ball went out.

Salah was very close to finding the score in the 16th minute. He faced the goalkeeper alone, but a little sideways. The Egyptian fired, but Kepa saved. A minute later, Pedro pulled out Girirud, but due to his speed he failed to make enough progress and was caught by Matip. The Frenchman shoots but outside.

In the 20th minute, Kovacic delivered a great Pedro, but Robertson managed to put his body in front of the Spaniard and clean it up.

Two minutes later, Chelsea struck a beam. Pedro and ouiru exchanged double additions. The Spaniard went into the box and fired a low shot, but the ball hit the bar.

Liverpool completed the corner kick in the 28th minute. The cape hung, but Van Dyke shot over the door. A minute later a new corner appeared in front of Chelsea's door. Mane remained undetected, but fired poorly at the keeper.

In the 32nd minute, Pedro brought Kovacic to the field, who tried to pass Adrian, but the keeper intervened well and saved.

The 36th minute kicked off the first goal tonight. Liverpool's defense was cut off by a very nice pass from Pulisic, who took him out. The Frenchman shoots very elegantly in the far corner for 0: 1.

Liverpool – Chelsea 0: 1

0: 1 Olivier Girayrud 36 & # 39;

Liverpool (4-3-3): Adrian, oeo Gomez, eloil Matip, Virgil van Dyke, Andrew Robertson, Fabino, James Miller, Jordan Henderson (k), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sadio Manet, Mohammed Salah

Stocks: Andy Longargan, Kaoem Kelechar, Key-Jean Hoover, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Giorgio Weinldum, Ryan Brewster, Adam Lalana, Gerton Shakiri, Harvey Eliot, Divok Origi, Roberto Firmino

Art. coach: Jurgen Klopp

Chelsea (4-3-3): Kepa Arisabaglia, Emerson Palmieri, Kurt Zuma, Andreas Christensen, Cesar Aspilicueta (k), Mateo Kovacic, N'Golo Kante, Georges, Christian Pulisic, Olivier Girirux, Pedro

Stocks: Willie Cabayero, David Zappacosta, Antonio Rudiger, Chicago Tomomori, Marcos Alonso, Kennedy, Ross Barclay, Mason Mont, Billy Gilmore, Tami Abram, William, Misha Batshua

Art. Coach: Frank Lampard

Judge: Stephanie Frapar (France)

Stadium: Vodafone Park, Istanbul, Turkey

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